Fostering Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogues

Economic Cooperation & CETA

Through the combination of expertise on economic and monetary integration and legal expertise, this research group focuses on mutually reinforcing Canada-EU economic engagements. While Canada is represented in all international economic institutions, it is more a policy-taker than a policy-maker in global economic affairs. The EU, in contrast, is considered the global pace-setter in the field of regional economic integration. In light of challenges such as the financial crisis and the launch of CETA, this thematic area will continue to be highly important. Areas of interest may include: monetary and currency fluctuations; the EU's internal economic system; Canada's potential economic influence on its European partners and the implications of CETA on Canada-EU trade and economic relations.

The activities of the Environment Cluster members are in the process of redesign.

Research Groups: Economic Cooperation and Competition


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