Fostering Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogues

Canada’s Responsibility for Climate Refugees

Youth Voices, UVic Student, Isolde Murdoch – Feb 11, 2017 As the number of people who are displaced from climate-related environmental disasters, such as droughts and hurricanes, rises exponentially across the globe, the question of responsibility arises. Many people think that the governments of the people experiencing displacement due to...
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Canadian Displacement Dates: When will you become environmentally displaced?

Young Voices: UVic Student, Isolde Murdoch – March 11, 2017 Compared to the majority of the world, those living in Canada enjoy a nation high in resources and a climate favourable to agricultural production. Due to the rapid increase of climate changes and environmental depletion, this will become even more apparent over the next couple of...
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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) asylum claims in Canada

Youth Voices - by Bridget Woods, UVic Student The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) has recently updated its ‘Guideline 9’ on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression. The new guidelines have come from concerns identified from past proceedings from the IMB that relate to claim refusal. The new guidelines maintain that...
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