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Recap of ECSA-C 2016 Biennial...

Recap of ECSA-C 2016 Biennial "The European Union and North America: An Inevitable Partnership?" On May 9-11 th 2018, this year the 12th Biennial of the European Community Studies Association – Canada conference will take place in Toronto. The conference’s theme will be "UNITY, DIVERSITY, POPULISM: THE EUROPEAN UNION IN CHALLENGING TIMES:...
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Appel à candidatures pour le Prix d’excellence pédagogique de l’AECE-C (ECSA-C)

L’Association d’Études sur la Communauté européenne est heureuse d'annoncer le « Prix d'excellence pédagogique dans le domaine des études européennes ». Ce Prix distinguera les enseignants qui ont dispensé un cours sur l'Union européenne dans une université / un collège canadien. Le Prix AECE-C est accompagné d'une gratification de 1000 CAD,...
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Why Russia Finds Democracy so Hard - Putin and the Legacy of the 1917 Revolution

October 27, 2017 - by Derek Fraser, Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria This paper was presented during the conference "1917 and Today - Putin Russia and the Legacy of Revolution " Those of us who live in well-established democracies tend to forget how difficult it is, and how long it takes, to achieve relatively stable...
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Europe's Challenging Times: Unity, Diversity, Populism - Call for papers ECSA-C, May 2018, Toronto

August 18, 2017 Call for Papers/Panels/Workshops 12th Biennial Conference of the European Community Studies Association-Canada, Toronto, 9-11 May 2018 UNITY, DIVERSITY, POPULISM: THE EUROPEAN UNION IN CHALLENGING TIMES In the words of former German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, “after two World Wars and during the Cold War, European...
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