Fostering Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogues

Expert knowledge & declining trust in the media

On May 9th/10th during the ECSA-C Biennial Toronto Unity, diversity, populism: The European Union in challenging times EUCAnet's Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project MSEUCA presents panels and workshops on Expert knowledge in the age of declining trust in the media, Outreach Strategies and Social Media Training for Aspiring Academics Outreach synergies...
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Merkel’s path to victory and the rise of the extreme right

Sept 21, 2017 - by Oliver Schmidtke , Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria See also: CTV News Channel Interviews from Fri 22nd, 2017 and Monday 25th, 2017 On Sunday, Germans will head to the polls after an election campaign that has largely been void of...
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Political Party Fragmentation in the Netherlands

March 13, 2017 - by Willem Maas , Glendon College, York University Much has changed in the Netherlands since its last parliamentary elections in 2012 – but much more has changed elsewhere. The Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter, and the Syrian civil war has worsened dramatically, leading millions to seek refuge. Russia under Putin has...
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